THN: Joe Sakic und Mike Modano - Zwei Haudegen im Interview

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Die neueste Ausgabe des

nordamerikanischen Fachmagazins "The Hockey News" beschäftigt sich in

der Titelstory mit den beiden NHL-Veteranen Mike Modano (Dallas) und

Joe Sakic (Colorado), die in ihrer gesamten Karriere nur für jeweils

ein Team zum Schläger griffen.

They’re quiet, soft-spoken leaders; loyal,

distinguished and cagey. They’re battle-worn soldiers in a game being

transitioned to the next generation.

Mike Modano and Joe Sakic sharpened their

teeth at 16 and 17 on the Saskatchewan

prairies. In the 20 years since, they’ve crossed sticks in the faceoff circle

countless times, always with the same organization, the same resolve.

Ever since ‘Burnaby Joe’ and ‘Michigan

Mike’ played for Swift Current and Prince

Albert in the WHL in 1986, they’ve witnessed the game

evolve around their steady yet superstar careers.

They tore up the major junior ranks

together, were baptized into a freewheeling NHL as teenagers, moved south with

their relocating franchises, butted heads in international play, lived through

the dead-puck era and are enjoying open space again in the new NHL.

Sakic almost left the Avs for the Rangers

after signing an offer sheet as a restricted free agent in 1997. But he stayed.

Modano could have signed elsewhere for more money as a free agent in 2005. He


Almost strangers off the ice, they spent an

hour with us in a conference room at the Crescent Court hotel in Dallas to talk about

their astonishingly parallel careers. The Hockey News correspondent Mike Heika

sat down with the duo to reflect upon a past, present and future that are

remarkably reflective.


The Hockey News: Do you remember playing

each other for the first time in the Western Hockey League?

Joe Sakic: Not really. You’re going back a

while. The first time? No. But I do remember what he was like then. The guy

just flew. He was the fastest guy out on the ice.

Mike Modano: I’m with him. I remember

playing against him, but it was a long time ago. We didn’t have any key battles

that I can remember.

THN: You are both players who have remained

with the same franchise. Is that something that has always been important to

you, or has it become more important as you’ve gotten older?

Sakic: It has probably gotten more

important as I’ve gotten older. You never think about that stuff when you start

your career. You just want to play hockey. But as you get older, it really does

make it easier just to stay in one place. You’re comfortable, you like the city

and the organization. It’s something that just feels right.

Modano: I feel the same way. As I’ve gotten

older, it means more. This is a great place and we are treated very well here

and that’s important. You’re content here, happy here. 

THN: And you had a decision to make, didn’t

you, Mike? There was the chance that you could have left the Stars after the

lockout when you became an unrestricted free agent, yet you took less money to


Modano: Yeah, that’s when you really were

faced with a decision about what’s important to you and how do you want to live

your life after hockey. I want to live here and I want to play for this

franchise. That’s a decision I had to make.

THN: Joe, you never even got to

unrestricted free agency, you always signed your deals before July 1.

Sakic: No, I knew what I wanted. It’s nice

to be one of those few guys who are able to do this. I don’t think there’s too

many left. 

THN: Do you ever look back at the free

agent offer sheet from the Rangers and think that things could have turned out


Sakic: Well, it definitely could have gone

either direction at the time, but now that I look back at it, I’m really

fortunate that I was able to stay. 

THN: Do you think you’ll stay in Colorado after you


Sakic: Yeah, for the most part. I don’t see

any reason to leave. My family loves it there and it’s become a real part of


THN: How about you, Mike? Are you living in


Modano: Yeah, that was part of the

decision, too. I was pretty sure I was going to live here no matter what, so it

didn’t make sense, in the end, to go to another team.

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