The Hockey News Annual GM Ratings

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Die neueste Ausgabe der nordamerikanischen Fachzeitschrift "The Hockey

News" nimmt die Arbeit der General Managers in der NHL nach der

Transferdeadline unter die Lupe:

The Hockey News Annual GM Ratings

By Ken Campbell

Mad Mike was such a great nickname, so wonderfully alliterate and so fitting.

But the guy who occupies the GM’s chair with the New York Islanders

these days simply isn’t cooperating on any level. After all, what

demeaning name goes with Garth? And what’s this about Garth Snow coming

into the dog’s breakfast that was the Islanders and actually making

moves of consequence that don’t make everyone in the hockey industry


David Poile and his Nashville Predators might have obtained the crown

jewel of the trade deadline in Peter Forsberg, but Snow might turn out

to be the biggest winner by landing Ryan Smyth in exchange for two

prospects and a first round pick.

Or maybe not. If the Islanders don’t make the playoffs and Smyth walks

as a free agent after the season, Snow will have been snowed. But the

fact he got Smyth for an underachiever (Robert Nilsson) and a player

who will max out as a third-liner (Ryan O’Marra) signals Snow is

serious about making the Islanders better in the short term as well as

the long.

For that reason, Snow sits 16th in THN’s ranking of GMs, but if he

continues on his current path, he’ll be on the rise, unlike the

Islanders’ fortunes when they hired him to replace Neil Smith, who was

on the job for 40 days after taking over for Mike Milbury.

There were a lot of jokes about both Snow and the Isles when Snow

skated out of the crease and into the executive suite. And Snow has

done a good job of not providing any punchlines.

Well, not too many.

“More than anything, I’m happy for (Islanders owner) Charles (Wang)

finally getting credit for having a plan and seeing it through,” Snow

said. “Charles put me in a position to succeed here.”

Well, if he says so.

In any event, even before the Smyth trade, Snow brought a good amount

of stability to the team and did a fine job of clearing cap space by

trading Alexei Zhitnik and Mike York.

But Snow’s best performance came in February when Jason Blake attempted

to take advantage of a career year and whine to the media about his

contract negotiations.

Snow didn’t lash out and held the line that he wasn’t going to publicly

negotiate with Blake. Chances are, Milbury would have trashed everyone

in Blake’s family and had a deal in place to get him out of town in a

New York Islander minute.

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